Arminda Cal 39 MK 111

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 Arminda Brown Eyed Siren

Arminda was a Greek sorceress and siren .She lures the fierce warrior Rinaldo to her enchanted Garden but she instead falls in love. His fellow Warriors rescue him and take to the seas.

In a fit of Despair and rage she Destroys her Enchanted garden. But After the war Rinaldo remembers his promise to champion her. They were reunited and lived out their days by the shore.

The Cal -39 MKIII is really the design that carries the day, and in typical fashion  Bill Lapworth was ahead of the curve with the 39. It was a genuine performance cruiser before there really was  not such an animal, and as such, the design not only seems less dated than others from it's period, it is still highly desirable as a capable and affordable cruiser.


The hull shape looks right, the boat rides smoothly in the water, like it belongs there, and the boat grows on you the longer you stare at it.


The Cal 39 is a very sweet sailing boat, at home in blue water or knocking about the bay. Many 39s have been retrofit into serious cruisers and owners rave about the sea kindly motion and good turn of speed. The powerful hull shape can carry sail in a blow and can also be loaded up with stores without sacrificing too much performance.


The entire CAL 39–hull, deck and interior–is the work of the master, Bill Lapworth, whose classic boats are simply legends. And "classic" isn't a characteristic a designer applies to a boat, it's a recognition that the boat must earn.